Friday, 2 December 2016

Healing Angels

Healing Angels are formations in the life field that have the power to heal. We all have our unique blueprint that has designed the body we operate through; and we have the power to destroy or refine that body dependant on the activities we choose to follow. We have to believe that there is a better way of doing things, a guiding principle and a power for good, if we can make the adjustment and refine our perception. For most people their level of conscious perception is confined to information received via the five sense organs with some refinement experienced when listening to music or following the arts. The fact that we are capable of an intuitive response is an indication that there is a different order of response available to us, to which we are usually made aware during meditation or quiet moments of introspection.

The breath has a link with the rhythm and life pulse of the universe. The yoga student will be aware of two levels, the basic, designed to improve the depth and action of the lungs and the subtle that refines breath and guides the yogi to more subtle levels of consciousness. By quietening the breath and stilling the mind we reduce interference from the world at large and start to see more clearly awakening the inner or intuitive response. We refer here not to primitive urges or the likes and dislikes we carry with us but to a level of inner certainty that usually arises when completely still.

The Absolute is a term sometimes used by yogis to describe that which is without limit yet complete in itself as it contains all wisdom and from which life has arisen. To become aware of this level of infinite possibilities we have to transcend the limits of the breath and become still. This is not done by forcing breath retention, but by refining the breath until aware of the indefinable peace that underlies the breath. This can be helped by combining breath, mantra and mind. The mantra ‘AH’ is a combination of ‘A’ symbolising the Absolute and all new beginnings, the ‘H’ represents spirit at all levels, or more simply a ladder that reaches from heaven to earth.

Consciousness is a catalyst and meditation on breath helps us to refine awareness, discover transcendent levels of peace and promote healing. The technique is to refine the inflowing breath with the sense that the breath is ascending through the body into the stillness beyond the topmost chakra. By listening it is possible to sense the mantra ‘AH’ as we ‘Let Go and Let God’. After a few moments of stillness we breathe out with the mantra ‘IH’ as we individuate consciousness and bring the refreshing stillness back into the present.

This type of meditation has many levels of adaption, for example a type of Zen Walking, where the arms are raised to the side in conjunction with the inflowing and out flowing breath. Always there has to be no sense of urgency, and when promoting healing, openness to the healing angels of light as the breath ascends and descends between ourselves and the infinite possibilities within the field of life.

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