Thursday, 30 June 2016

Light; Life and Happiness

Light; Life and Happiness
Light is a vibration of a field of energy, it is not static, but vibrant and all pervasive, making us aware of the manifest world as well as its shadows. There is no light that is not spirit and we are all condensed light. In its subtle form it is a manifestation and coming into being of all that was previously hidden in apparent darkness; by darkness we mean, the non-moving reality of all that has been or will eventually come to be. It is love which is the heart of the Cosmos and which holds the truth of all living creatures, whether past, present or yet to be born.

Love is an all embracing sentience, an eternal mother principle that and gives birth to all in due time and to quote Eugene Halliday...Life is a function of love, an activity in which the potentialities of being are actualised, sustained, developed and transcended to infinity, life itself is Divine Love at work.

Laughter, an expressive form of energy release, is either the laughter of acquired power or the laughter of hysteria. The laughter of hysteria can arise from an apprehension of the absurd and the sense of relief that arises from being on the outside looking in, at a charade or staged humour containing the echoes of many of our own life situations. The laughter of acquired power comes from a perception of the real, and the joy that arises from the recognition of the eternal underlying the illusory and changing patterns on the ocean of life.

The infinite is doubtless, and Joy arises from within oneself with the affirmation and realisation of the eternal and unwavering truth, or real within the life of the universe. The pose of complete relaxation or Corpse Posture can lead to this realisation, because no matter how deeply we relax or let go of body awareness we do not disappear. The surface waves of tension or irritation like the ripples on a lake may subside but there remains in oneself an all comprehending stillness and a looking forward to new possibilities of being.

Truth lies within and is not clamorous and is part of the silent hidden strength of the Yogi, the Healer and enlightened. It is a level of awareness that arises in the heart and is not intellectually proud. Life itself is a manifestation of the truth at the heart of life unless distorted by private purpose and ambition. Not all, however is as it seems. As life can be short and those who suffer most, angelic forms, resolving the hurt and transforming the karma of past lives. Only to emerge from their chrysalises of pain as true Son’s of light.

When passing on the light of the candle flame from one candle to another, the light of the previous candle is not diminished. The same is with universal love as it is infinite and never diminished. The practise of meditative healing is not unlike passing on the light of the candle flame from one candle to another, the healer expresses what is felt from within the light of the heart and passes it on; without any sense of loss or obligation, just a simple statement arising from the light within.

Happiness is the feeling of inner harmony that arises when our inner worlds and outer worlds are in correspondence and to quote a few lines from the Bhagavad Gita Ch6v18.19 When the mind of the yogi is in harmony and finds rest in the spirit within, all restless desires gone, then he is a Yukta, one in God. Then his soul is a lamp whose light is steady, for it burns in a shelter where no winds come.                                          

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain
When we use the word Yoga it implies an intelligent and Conscious approach to whatever is being done. Whenever back pain is present there can be diverse reasons as to its cause, from serious trauma requiring immediate medical intervention, to the less serious, whether physical or psychological. At some point decision has to be made whether any form of exercise is appropriate and this is when the realistic approach of Yoga may prove helpful.

It is likely that if the cause of the pain is recent that the injury is at the acute stage, when inflammation, torn tissue and pressure due to swelling affecting nerve endings produces continuous discomfort and the best course of action is rest. It is when healing takes place and when musculature tightens that we enter the chronic phase, when there is undue stiffness and a lack of flexibility. Yoga exercise then becomes part of a Conscious and evolving process in which the spine and associated musculature is allowed to start to express itself through a range of movement, which is extremely gentle at first, as forced movement can be counter-productive. Some basic exercise is described as follows:-

Flexing the Spine as with the forward bending postures, particularly with disc related problems, has to be approached with caution. Paschimottanasana is a seated posture with the legs extended to the front, in which the posterior muscles of the body are given a stretch by bending forward and bringing the body toward the legs. The posture is then held for several seconds without pulling or jerking, but simply allowing the upper weight of the body to contribute toward the stretch. It takes time and patience to stretch tightened muscles; helps are directing the energy and the warmth of the out flowing breath toward the whole of the back.

Hyperextension is the counter pose posture which after spinal flexion is taken up from a lying face down position. Ideally it should be possible to first raise the head and shoulders without assistance from the arms. However, a realistic approach after suffering back trauma is to adopt a Sphinx like pose by resting on the forearms and then raising head and shoulders and holding position for several seconds. With improved flexibility the body can be raised further by adopting the Cobra or Bhujangasana pose with the hands palms down at shoulder level.

Lateral Flexion allows the spine to bend first to one side and then the other. There are a variety of Yoga postures to encourage this, usually from a stable seated position while sitting with the legs crossed or knees bent and at one side and then the other. The arms are then raised and clasped above the head and stability maintained as the body is stretched first to one side and then the other.

Spinal Rotation can be from either standing or sitting and the body rotated first one way and then the other, and holding the twist for several seconds at each turn.

This is a small example of the type of Yoga exercise then can help alleviate back pain. It is important to remember that the body is best supported by a well toned musculature and that there has to be achieved a balance between too relaxed and flaccid, called the hypotonic condition, and the too tense, the hypertonic. The ideal is when muscle tone is such that it is ready for immediate action and referred to as a balanced or tonic condition.

Yoga is very much bringing control back to the individual and assisting in the healing process through an intelligent awareness of the body, whether or not medical intervention has been necessary. The aim of Yogi throughout the ages has been to know one’self at all levels whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

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