Friday, 26 December 2014


Namaste – Christmas is that period of time when the Sun reaches its maximum southern declination, before being re-born on Christmas day. This symbolic period is recognised by many, by decorating the Fir Tree or Fire Tree in their homes. Its significance is not lost on the yogi, who is reminded of the Vedic Fire Ceremony Agnihotra, which honours the return of the Sun after the darkness of night. Light is symbolic of the Self and Consciousness and the untroubled eternal light of the Self Realised Yogi. This is expressed beautifully by these verses from the Bhagavad Gita, translated by Juan Mascaro’. Ch6, v16-19.

Yoga is a harmony. Not for him who eats too much, or
for him who eats too little; not for him who sleeps too
little, or for him who sleeps too much.

A harmony in eating and resting, in sleeping and keeping
awake; a perfection in whatever one does. This is the
Yoga that gives peace from all pain.

When the mind of the Yogi is in harmony and finds rest
in the Spirit within, all restless desires gone, then he is
A Yukta, one in God.

Then his soul is a lamp whose light is steady, for it burns

in a shelter where no winds come.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Friday, 19 December 2014

New Lamps for Old

New Lamps for Old
New lamps represent each new birth and the light a level of Consciousness that derives from a source called the Ancient of Days. Light has always been representative of Consciousness and stems from a Universal source that is both transcendent and imminent, and it is light as intelligence, clothed in matter, that transforms and characterises the world in which we live. The light in us is a gift of spirit and is that in us which knows we are here, having the ability to be ‘Self’ organising, make decisions and uniquely take part in the play of life that is all around. It is the desire for experience that takes us first down along one road and then another, when we discover that we are a part of a cosmic game, in which some lights appear to shine brighter than others. It is when we try to compensate by adopting the guise of the most successful, often seeking pleasure, and avoiding the difficult, that we appear to be something other than we truly are.
We exist within prisons of our own making, having confined ourselves within psychological barriers as defence from those who whether consciously or unconsciously try to harm us. We can either fight back or continue take refuge in fantasy worlds of our own making. These impositions veil the light of the Self within, so that we become shadows of our former selves, distorting our vehicle of experience, often becoming ill, prematurely abandoning our body and so losing the opportunity to further gain experience, and become unique centres of light and intelligence in the world of time.
Interest sustains life, and it is during periods of set back and ill health that we discover we still have a lot to live for and have not as yet reached our full potential. This is when we need to look clearly and objectively at the body of inertia we carry around with us and the attitudinal responses that disguise who we truly are.
When we are born we are unique to ourselves and bring with us unique vibrational patterning’s developed through many lifetimes. This tempering process gained during life on earth, and passed on through the long body of the ancestors, occasionally gives rise to the age old question “Who Am I”, and to ask ourselves, what is my purpose in life?, is it to be passive and subject to the winds of fate, or can work on myself, develop my full potential, and discover my true destiny.
It is the ancient art of Yoga that not only asks this question, but still passes on its experience developed through aeons of time, for those willing to study, learn and practise. There are many different forms of Yoga and paths to follow, all of which lead back to centre and Self recognition, there is something for everyone, whatever one’s nature or individual temperament.

Friday, 12 December 2014

A White Rose

A White Rose

As I walked the wild and lonely hill
My heart at one with playful wind
The Sun full orbed with radiant shafts,
Fills the soul with iridescent light
Then from yon crag a perfume springs,
The senses five caught in mystic spell,
Lifts the souls to greater height
And there from granite rocks springs
A white rose from the heart of God

Friday, 5 December 2014


Ill Health tends to negate the cohesive forces that link and hold the body in being; while Yoga, reversing this tendency, is conducive to wholeness and well being. We all know that when influenza strikes, how lack lustre and negative that the body feels; with many voices persuading us to do as little as possible. The body is alive with contrary wills, usually kept in check when we are fit and well, and which rise to the surface when we lack the energy to oppose them. Yoga is essentially discovering yourself as Will, and bringing yourself back to the “Here and Now”, so that you stand in full consciousness, able to deal with the hidden persuaders, from whatever direction they come.
The negative effects of illness can be such that Hatha Yoga is not the first thing that comes to mind; and yet, just one posture, the easiest in our repertoire, will start to bring about a positive change, by tying together loose ends and coordinating Mind, Feeling and Will; So that the whole body can be guided toward a more positive state of being.
Jnana Yoga. Cannot be divorced from Yoga as a whole and is more than the accumulation of knowledge for its own sake and can be the means of adjusting thought process toward a more positive frame of mind. A clear idea, fully understood, is a formulation of spirit, and when the focus is on the ideal yoga posture, it organises the energy within the body towards achieving its aim.
Every idea carries an emotional or feeling charge, therefore if we love what we are doing, the more effective we can be. At the highest level Truth and Love are intimately related, as Truth lays at the heart of Love, hence the ability of the Bhakti Yoga to look into the heart and discern the Truth that lies within.
Purity of heart is to will one thing and to achieve the highest we have to first attain unity of being, and the single posture can be the start of an apprenticeship along a road to Raja Yoga and Self determination, in which Mind, Feeling and Will, bring the body back into perfect accord.
Hatha Yoga is not an exercise program that blindly follows repetitive exercise routines; as each individual is unique, and not unlike Arjuna the charioteer is in charge of their own vehicle of experience. Hatha Yoga brings light to bear on the body as a whole, and helps with the return to both psychological and physical health. Yoga Postures can be sitting, lying down or standing. Asana implies use of the mind and elevates the term Posture to a higher level.
The Integral approach to Asana is to first still the Mind and return to the ‘Here and Now’; then to visualise a perfect Posture as a goal to be achieved. Then holding the form of the Posture in the Mind, to send Good feeling into the body, so as to energise the appropriate muscle groups and prepare the body; next to Initiate and guide the body in full awareness towards its goal. This psychosomatic approach is of particular benefit when there is disharmony in the nervous system. The following meditation will also help re-balance and re-harmonise each level.

Centring at the level of the abdomen, visualise and repeat the word ‘Good.’ Then at the heart (Feeling) level, visualise and intone the word ‘Love’. Then at the head (Ajna), visualise and repeat the word ‘Truth. Then repeat the whole sentence; it is Good to Love Truth.
Reverse this process with Truth at the level of the head. Love at the level of the heart and Good at the drive or belly centre. Aware of each level as you repeat True, Love is Good.
It is important that head and spine is perfectly balanced, yet free of tension during the meditation.