Friday, 25 March 2016

Sunlight contains the secret of life

Sunlight contains the secret of life, the Suns illuminating light carries cosmic message from deep space, to be absorbed and developed by planet earth. Lack of light is heralded by lack of energy, wilting and becoming pale and insignificant. We also receive light in a form modified by the foods we eat. Therefore foods that receive as close to direct sunlight as possible are the most beneficial. To regenerate and refresh your life force, meditate each day by sitting in natural sunlight. During the winter months this is best done indoors by sitting close to a window that receives natural sunlight. During cloudy days in the northern hemisphere this may not always be possible, so take advantage when the Sun shines thru! When meditating, sit with a still mind and partially lowered eyelids, aware of the Sun’s energising warmth, accept the light completely and absorb its healing energy. Avoiding the glare of direct sunlight, internalise the light and feel that its healing presence energises and heals both mind and body

Friday, 18 March 2016

Self Realisation

Self Realisation that comes with the practice of reflexive self consciousness can be likened to the awakening of a new dawn after the darkness of night.

Awakening to the reality of the Self and transcending the limitations that identification with the problems of the material world brings, is not always immediately achievable, as the urgency of immediate difficulties tend to keep drawing us back

There is a subtle difference between observing the world with your physical eyes and its associations, and seeing with the eye of spirit, that is seeing as God sees. Moments of spontaneous Self awareness with meditative reflexive techniques can dispel the illusion that we stand alone.

When meditating choose or visualise an open space and capture with the camera of the eye something to focus upon, then first observing with your mortal eyes, remind yourself that no one else in the universe stands or sits in this exact place, and in this you stand alone. Beauty is a felt experience and it is during moments of meditation or enjoying beautiful moments in nature that it becomes possible to abandon the particular and merge with the whole experience and become one with the unific intelligence of which we are a small part. It is during these moments that we affirm the truth of the yoga maximum that the Atman (Self) = Brahman.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Healing Vibrations

Healing Vibrations arise from centre, not unlike a gong which when struck on centre, vibrates and harmonises from centre to periphery. The centre represents the individual Self, pure and unsullied and not corrupted by the burdens of life. Everything vibrates down to the smallest atom and electron; harmonious vibrations help to hold us in being while the discordant shake us apart. The centre is the seat of Self awareness and consciousness whence arises the rhythms of life. This rhythm is very subtle and often lost in the clamour of daily life so that our inner nature is distorted by stress and eventual breakdown.
The yogi by practising reflexive Self awareness is able to step back into the still centre and develop the intuitive guidance which is reflected like the play of sunlight on the surface of a lake. This inner awakening cannot be forced and is easily lost under the clouds of personal ambition.

You Guru is within; the discovery of which is the aim and culmination of yoga practice, namely Self realisation. The Self referred to is not the ego self, usually written by yogis with a small ‘s’, but the eternal Self which is the Divine Intelligence that resides within. This intelligence or logos word is the shabda or vibratory sound pattern that orders creation.

Patanjali tells us that Yoga is controlling the activities of the mind, as the lower or ordinary mind creates clouds of illusion that obscures the true light of consciousness. It is only when the mind is still that we start to awaken the intuitive mind of the heart. The heart can be described as the ear that listens to inmost spirit and truth. Whether practising asana, meditating or struggling with ill health, a few moments of stillness, no more demanding than an inner smile will light the way forward. No work done when guided by your inner guru is ever lost, as it will be added to your body of crystalline truth.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Lotus

The Lotus represents spiritual enfoldment, and each chakra or principle energy centre is represented by a lotus, which when its petals are downturned, are coloured and influenced by the external world, and when bright and upturned, as toward the Sun, are bright and life enhancing. The heart lotus is central and viewed as the seat of the Divine, and when enlivened by the light of the Divine Sun, will enlighten and refine the whole body.

The lotus is symbolic of a spiritual and developmental process; and one of the most profound experiences possible during meditation, is the awakening of the heart chakra. This awakening process can be expressed through the form of a Rose, or any other natural living object of significance and beauty. Beauty is something that is felt when aware of a perfectly balanced form; and such is the nature of this heartfelt experience, that we can feel the possibility of expressing this, even before we have discovered its final form and shape.

When meditating on the heart chakra, start to feel for the beauty that is within; then refining the breath, let the light of the breath further energise the experience. This is essentially a Bhakti Yoga meditation that explores the heavenly within, and does not rely on what has gone before. Practise calm inward looking and that which you feel will gradually express itself in levels of consciousness, best described as other worldly. It is natural that at the start you will recall memories of that which you have experienced as beautiful, this in itself will be rewarding. Continue to return to centre with open heart and mind.

The mystical experience of ‘awakening the heart chakra’ is usually presaged by an increase of creativity, and occasionally by a visionary link that will transform consciousness and our perception of the world. This is not dissimilar to what happens when the light of the Sun, reaching down to the earth, transforms the earth with developing life-forms. It is the inner light of consciousness that crystallises the beauty within, manifesting as an unfolding Rose or Lotus.

To whatever degree we awaken to the harmony that lies within, it will not only change the way we feel, but also refine our perception of the world. The beauty that lies within, when acted upon, becomes a way of expressing the heavenly or Divine in the world. No matter what problems we have to face, there is always a best way of doing things; and by feeling for the beauty within will help modify our actions and establish beneficial karma.

The yantra at the level of the heart chakra is two interlaced triangles in the form of a six pointed star. One points upward to the heavens and the other down toward the earth. This is an important guide to a continuing meditation that can takes place day or night. The inflowing breath representing the upward pointing triangle and transcendent breath, which can be consciously refined as it reaches upward toward light and consciousness. The out-breath represents a return to earth, when with a still mind we extend our experience of peace and light to the whole body.

Consciousness is a catalyst, and not unlike the light of the Sun that transforms the earth, so similarly does the light of consciousness have the power to refine, transform and heal. The interlaced triangles are a reminder of the important link between heaven and earth with the heart chakra, which when awakened is experienced uniquely in the unfolding lotus of the heart. The Chinese refer to the Secret of the Golden Flower; it is only secret in the nature of its enfolding, which is unique to each.

The lotus of the heart gives form to spirit and acts as a link between the all comprehending light of eternity and the apparently mundane world of our daily lives. The experience when it comes, if not cloaked by private purpose, holds the key to the gradual transformation of the chakras and energy systems of the body. To avoid adverse affects to the nervous system, it’s important to lead the best life that you can, and be guided by the Yamas and Nyamas.

If all the world understood and practised yoga and were guided by the subtle light within, it would transform the world in which we lived and make peace and harmony between peoples and nations become a real possibility.