Friday, 26 September 2014

Echoes of Summer

Echoes of summer

I dreamt for a while
Of a white bird
That Touched the summer blue.
Floating on high
Above field and meadow
Then for a moment
Rested in God’s palm.
Before disappearing upward
In jubilant song  
Through the Gates of Heaven

Friday, 19 September 2014

It's a Dog's Life

                                                                              It's a Dog's Life

                           It's a Dog's Life,
                         When chasing your tail
                          With no end in sight
                          Only an endless whirl
                     Of disappearing sticks and bones
                       Until home and safe at last
                           A good stretch.....
                          And Pam's CD to help
                           To chill and relax

                              Tai the Dog

Monday, 8 September 2014



I am the dawn that lights the sky.
   The soft night air, the bedewed grass,
     A lonely flower in distant pass
      A Mother’s love.  A baby’s cry.

 I am the strong and the straight.
      The winding and turning of devious way,
     The vaulted sky and secluded bay,
     A ploughed field. A wicket gate

I am the silent and the free.
      The infinite depth in an empty church,
   The light of the morning Sun,
      A loving heart. The knowing Now



Self Healing

Self Healing becomes a possibility with the practice of yoga techniques of realignment.  This realignment is the union between purusha, that is the individual soul in its purest form and its primordial nature (prakrt); that is the subtle template that patterns the nature of each in the temporal world. The main cause of break down is stress from a variety of causes and yoga goes a long way in alleviating that stress, with relaxation techniques and exercises that rebalance and coordinate Mind, Feeling and Will. 

The ‘Self’ healing that occurs when there is harmony between soul and nature is further enhanced by yoga meditation and breathing techniques. The way we breathe is influenced by variety of factors, as we constantly adjust to life in the world. Soul or Solar breathing is the return to the natural and untroubled rhythm of the breath, when the mind is still and we are at peace and in harmony with our surroundings.

Most of us have experimented with, or have seen, that when particles are vibrated on a flat surface, they form patterns; which is not dissimilar to the energy patterns that characterise all things in nature. In a well toned body we are in tune with the energy pattern that ensures perfect health and if we include the sound geometry of the entire universe and beyond, we express this with the all inclusive sound of the mystical AUM...

Sound vibrations can be extremely subtle, well below the range of normal hearing. The word of God; that is the sound vibrations that order creation are intuited rather then heard. They are the impulses that stimulate the heart beat, the breath, and form the foundation that patterns life. The yogi and yogini who is able to attune to their own unique energy pattern will go a long way in ensuring their own good health, and possibly be able turn the tide against the onset of illness.

The following ‘Self’ healing meditation technique, is far from dramatic and could not be simpler, as it requires sitting for meditation in a manner that is most appropriate to your ability, and then watching and allowing the breath to guide you to deeper and more subtle levels of consciousness. First we quieten the breath in order to quieten the mind; we are reminded of a library reading room and the words Quiet Please; only this time it is inner Quiet that we seek; each breath soothing and quietening the mind.  The next step is the experience of Calm, that occurs when the nervous system stops responding to mental impulses, and calm extends throughout the body. Once calm we are closer to a growing sense of detachment and a feeling of Peace and a level in which all life is able to work in harmonious inter-function. It is only when we become Still that the breath is at its most subtle and we can sense the subtle life enhancing rhythms conducive to our well being. It is at the level of the still Mind that we are able to stand between the two worlds of time and eternity and compare the stress related body that exists in time, with the pristine purity that exists in the timeless. 

It is by making real and re-adjusting to what is experienced at these subtle levels of meditation that brings change, so that in a sense we begin the process of exchanging new lamps for old. Quiet, Calm, Peace and Stillness are representative of different levels of consciousness and are stepping stones into more profound levels of ‘Self’ understanding.