Friday, 30 January 2015

Pranic Assimilation

Pranic Assimilation is a form of Spirit Eating and when practised can be energising and life enhancing. All matter is a modification of power and its spirit is reflected in the manner of its presentation. Some beings exhibit more spirit than others; some Rajistic (fiery and active), others Tamasic (dull and inertic) and some Sattvic (balanced and wholesome). Our preference for the types of food that we eat is often a reflection of our own nature. The practising Yogi will often choose foods that will help to transform his nature from the lowest to the highest, with a preference for food which is fuelled, as close as possible, to natural sunlight, such as the fruits of the trees.

The life-force, of which we are all a part, is a conscious living reality, and it is consciousness that crystallises into the manifesting forms that we see around us, and the more beautiful the form the more refined is the level of awareness.

Prana is the infinite manifesting energy of the universe to which the heart beat and breath respond, and can be the means of re-attunement to higher levels of spiritual consciousness by means of meditative pranayama. At its most subtle the breath becomes a vehicle for consciousness, unifying the empirical and subtle worlds. The intelligence that guides the breath is not confined to text books as it is integral with life itself and when not restricted by mental impositions, guides the inflowing, out flowing, and retention in the most efficient way possible.

Meditative breathing should be heartfelt and unfold naturally with no adverse affects to the nervous system. It is soothing and healing and when in the best traditions of sankyha, unites prakriti and purusha, the material and the spiritual, in the harmony and union that is yoga.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Meditational Breathing Practice

Self Government

Self Government
The Yogi is taught to govern himself, to be in-dependent and rely upon his own inner resources and be guided by his own natural intelligence. He seeks to live peacefully in society and obey the laws of the land in which he finds himself; he is unlikely to be at odds with his fellow man. Therefore there is no need to devise a set of rules which confine him to any particular organisation, or set of guide lines that will restrict his development. Yoga means union and therefore has links with every aspect of life as well as the supremely spiritual. It is the growing interest by the populace in every aspect of yoga that has attracted the financial interest of diverse groups, who seek to control yoga and limit its activities to their own particular areas of expertise.
There are almost as many yoga’s as there are individuals, in the sense that we have different personalities, areas of interest, capabilities etc and this fact requires considerable expertise by those guiding beginner and student into developing their own unique understanding and teaching capabilities

To suggest that Keep Fit, The Mothers Union (the mind boggles), can give Governing status to Yoga that has taken many thousand years to develop is ridiculous. If an overseer is required to guide the interests of those practising yoga, it can be only those with many years experience in the subject and not motivated by any financial or limited self-interest

Friday, 16 January 2015

Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga is not the accumulation of knowledge for its own sake, but rather the development of understanding and a comprehension of the knowledge gained. A computer can store vast amounts of data but is not the mind or consciousness that interprets it. A donkey can be loaded down with numerous books, yet still remain a donkey. Knowledge is the level of knowing which we understand things, and this can vary from person to person. A Jnana Yogi, works as best they can, to transform their store of everyday knowledge into a body of wisdom.
Wisdom is the total formal content of the soul, which informs us at many levels, through feelings, our dreams, and store of mental impressions. We are considered wise when we have sound judgement and can make the best use of the knowledge gained. The Yogi recognises two levels of thought; the manomayakosha or lower mind, that is the mental sheath, associated with the five senses; and the vijnanamakosha or higher mind, which is the enlightened or conscious mind.
The lower mind, equips us for life on earth, and is often without ethical or moral consideration; as to how our actions affect each other. The lower mind is often subject to change and what is expedient in each moment. The higher mind, if we have one, prepares us for the life of the spirit and looks inward toward the light of consciousness for guidance.
Jnana Mudra as adopted by yogis during meditation reminds them of their highest aims; the thumb symbolising the highest level of Will; that is the level of which consciousness initiates action; the Index finger representing Intelligence or Consciousness. The way we think, and feel, affects our sense of well-being. There is a powerful relationship between the way we think and the way we feel; as thoughts we prefer to keep hidden and out of sight can lead to psychosomatic problems. Feelings and emotion not only disturb the nervous system but also affect body chemistry, hence the study of bio-chemistry and the all too familiar drug prescriptions, for dealing with ill health and emotional problems.

Jnana is the supramental wisdom that crystallises and patterns creation. To glimpse this level of reality is the highest aim of Jnana Yoga, and the start of a developmental process that leads toward an eternal body of light. To assist this process, spend a little time daily to become still; then feel for the level from which thoughts arise in the mind. Only keep those thoughts which you deem to be true and which you are happy to carry with you, from this life into the next.

Friday, 9 January 2015

A Buttercup

A Buttercup

I saw a buttercup
The other day
Its face toward the Sun
Its petals embracing
The most perfect Gold

I turned toward the Sun
Its golden orb
Its heart of light
Warmth and life
And the Sun smiled.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The New Year

The New Year
Let all your anxiety and hurt go, into the rivers of darkness and the many winters that are now behind you. Look forward to the light that brightens your future, and the year ahead in a spirit of optimism. Go with the flow into the New Year as each day grows brighter, lifting your spirits, as your soul refreshed and renewed enters its new phase, in a spirit of optimism. Happy New Year.