Saturday, 30 August 2014

Walk On The Sunny Side

Walk on the Sunny Side

Walking on the sunny side is a question of choice and represents a positive wakefulness that enables us to make choices in a spirit of optimism. To make pessimistic choices is like walking on the dark side, without any clear sense of direction, unclear choices, made like stabs in the dark, invokes unwanted responses that we have to deal with.

The sunny side represents the clear light of consciousness and a clear untroubled mind. A side to be enjoyed and immersed in, not unlike a clear summers day, when sunlight supports and upholds life, so does the catalytic light of consciousness have the power to make positive and supportive changes in one’s life. This light can be obscured by troublesome thoughts, like as when clouds move across the face of the sun, yet the clear light, although hidden, ever remains.  We have to learn to meditate, still the mind and rediscover the refreshing clarity that lies within.

There are practical benefits to walking on the sunny side, as when making a conscious evaluation of one’s life. To be aware when walking, also improves the efficiency of action, as consciousness has close links with feeling, so that movement becomes stress free. Meeting other people in a spirit of openness, makes for better relationship, as there for the grace of God go I. Breathing with awareness of the breath and becoming conscious of the breath, can imbue the lungs with life and light, so that each breath becomes more  peaceful and charged with life giving energy. These are but the first steps toward a body of light.

Take every opportunity to meditate in sunlight and carry the light inward toward the centre of one’s being. The Sun is energising and life giving; each spring, bringing forth new life from the earth, as it fulfils God’s purpose. There is a close link between the Sun and the centre of our own will. Meditate during the light of the day and carry the light inward and feel that the light of the world is your light, so that you feel inwardly refreshed and your inmost will becomes a centre of joyful initiative.

Wood Smoke

Wood Smoke

Wood smoke drifts on air
From I know not where
A fire of burning wood
Of trees which firmly stood

Essence of Oak, Ash and Pine
Now a fragrance sublime
Each Tree filled soul
Now airborne and free
Touching hearts on scented air
Each free, now to share
In timeless moments
Their nature so rare


Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Dreamtime and Dreaming is an important part of sleep patterns; as dreaming is a safety valve that helps relieve stress; by dramatising and forming new relationships, between deeply hidden fears and emotions. Without the release of tension and anxiety during dreams, the hidden stress would manifest in illness and many stress related conditions. A stress driven mind is not conducive to sleep, and one way in which to induce dreaming and restful sleep, is with eyes closed, practise peaceful relaxed breathing, at the same time watching with interest the images that drift through the mind. These images can arise from different levels, from day to day emotional attachments, to hidden anxieties carried to us from childhood. If you observe these images without attachment, as they drift idly bye, sleep will soon follow.

Occasionally we may need to make a more positive impact upon dreamtime, such as when disturbed by stress or a mind struggling with an unresolved problem. This is where sincere heartfelt prayer can be of help, such as the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, with focus on its meaning and its relevance to you. The Yogi can also use words in the form of a repetitive mantra, such as mentally repeating “Let all that is irrelevant to the healing of this being, be banished”, or “Let all that is contrary to my peace of mind and tranquillity be banished”. Whatever the form of words, it is important that you feel comfortable with them and then carry the associated feeling into sleep.

Words and sentences can help influence the energy of dreamtime, such as those which include Truth, Love, Goodness, Happiness, Strength and many similar words representing important functions that give rise to a feeling of stability. Many of the words and images that appear on TV prior to retiring can adversely influence our dreams, therefore before sleep, take control and allow a little time, either to count your blessing, listen to music and enjoy the space which is your own.



Angels are glimpsed
In the sunlit dance
Of leafy country lanes.
Felt in the warmth of the sun
In graveyards of quiet neglect
They are light stepping
Light tripping, ever free
Like laughter, enticing, uplifting.
Realised souls, dispelling gloom
From nostalgia’s loom.

Angels are pure
Intelligent light.
Love and truth crystallised
In moments of pure perception.
They are winged messengers
Lighting the path to heaven.
Reaching from heaven and heavenward.
They are like the stars
Which fill sky’s canopy
Heavenly pointers of the way.

By Gordon Smith