Friday, 21 September 2018

The New Dawn

The New Dawn

Each day, refresh and renew; by stepping into stillness
The all comprehending space from which all life Evolves.
Let go the thoughts that darken the mind,
Open each curtain that obscures the light of ‘Self’.
Quieten the breath, until the surface of your mind is still.
Touched by the Lotus Blossoms of Peace

Let each fragrant breath capture the light of Eternity,
That touches time with its healing presence.
Becoming one with the light of your true essence,
Healing Body Mind and the space around.
Do not close the curtains of your mind,
 Let consciousness be your timeless guide 

Friday, 14 September 2018

The Living Flame

 The Living Flame provides infinite possibilities for meditation, and the safest and most economical way of doing this is to use a candle. Sitting around a single flame can awaken in us the primordial instincts of the cave dweller, when it was fire that kept wild animals at bay, and was the only source of light and heat. It evokes feelings of comradeship, friendship and security
Some Yogis and Hindus still practise a fire ceremony (Agni Hotra), by meditating on the living flame at Sunset and Sunrise. This flam is produced by burning dried cow dung, as the cow is considered holy. It is said to purify the atmosphere and help the meditator achieve harmony with life. Here we use the lighted candle, which in churches throughout the world is used to represent living spirit. By meditating and participating in its light you will experience warmth and peace
Meditate on the light of a candle flame. Then with Love kindle a small light in your heart.
With each peaceful breath encourage the light to grow,
until it permeates your whole being.
Then place the word LOVE in letters of gold, deep within the light.
Let go of the word LOVE and let it melt into the surrounding light
so that you are surrounded in an aura of golden white light.
Direct the light to friends in need and those you love
Gordon Smith Editor & Custodian Trustee

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is a heartfelt yoga that leads directly to union with God.  When we love we embrace more than ourselves and God the ‘Absolute Good’, is the Love that embraces the whole of creation. Yoga is not unlike a many faceted jewel that reflects its inner light to the world; the human body is our vehicle of experience which we are here to fashion and develop through time and the many yoga’s with its Gods and Goddesses,  the many functions that constitute the whole.
Within each moment of time there are infinite possibilities and the bhakti trains himself and herself to respond as perfectly as possible as the occasion requires. This means using their yogic training and expertise to still the mind and seek a heartfelt response, rather than weighing the action possibilities to gain some personal advantage.
God is love and it is love that awakens the potentialities that exist in each moment of time.  At the heart of Love is Truth and it is Truth which in its many forms has structured the many life-forms that we see around us. We have been given freedom of choice and karma is the product of private purpose, which ultimately makes us wise.
Bhakti Yoga is devotion to the highest and is guided by love, which moment by moment is linked to the inner sentient power which transcends the limitations of time, refines perception, and awakens us to a better way of doing things. To Will what God Wills for us we have to develop the mind of the heart, learn to still the mind and open to our own channel of intuitive perception. Every thought is a package of energy and carries its own emotional charge, which requires that we are ever watchful and always pure intentioned.
To love what we are doing is the key, whether a simple yoga posture or when meditating. It is a level of feeling which when refined transforms each breath, reaches beyond the limitation of ideas to reveal new perspectives and better ways of doing things. It is a level of feeling which is ever guiding, expanding every horizon and enabling each to fulfil is divine purpose.