Friday, 25 November 2016

The Great Vow of the yogi, Maha-vrata is ahimsa, non-injury to oneself and others and implies that we love one another; it is essentially interwoven through the yamas and niyamas, the restraints and daily observances often overlooked by those who see yoga as no more than a form of body culture. These principles on which yoga is structured are integral to the cosmic body of   light which reaches from heaven to earth and often ignored when they interfere with private purpose. Hence yoga can be harmful when releasing latent and suppressed energies which feed less than the highest. Sin can be defined as missing the mark; which the Self aware yogi becomes aware when not acting in accord with his true nature. It is at the end of a life that the sound geometry of the universe sifts out the untruth collected during a lifetime, so that each rings true and takes their rightful place in the cosmic evolution of planet earth.

Hatha yoga evolves a step at a time toward the realisation that we are not just a chemical body but have an essential energy or light body that organises and patterns who we are from the inside out. There is no light that is not spirit as light is a vibration of field energy, and we are truly condensed light. Light is not a blind un-feeling energy, it is sentient power and a symbol of your intelligence. It is meditation and study that has brought to light the yamas and niyamas and which once established form a positive and developmental link between spirit and the world of time.

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Power to Heal

The Power to Heal lies essentially in the will and the interest and profitability that there is in continuing life’s journey. The subtle art form that we call yoga has many techniques both practical and psychosomatic that will help the body remain in being. The Hatha Yoga postures that help to maintain body tone are well known and well documentated these when coupled with mind and spirit are a powerful combination. There are many situations due to pain, illness and trauma that can render the body immobile and this is when with the help of mind and breath we can begin the journey back to health.

Breath and spirit are closely interwoven and when agitated due to stress the emotional turbulence can play havoc with normal body functions, hence the yoga directive “calm the breath, calm the emotions”. Once calm rhythmic breathing is established we can attune ourselves to more positive levels of healing energy. The Breath of Brahman is a cosmic form of breathing that taps subtle levels of healing and energy. This next phase requires that we become conscious of the breath without interference from the mind, at the same time relaxing and extending the rhythmic flow of the breath throughout the body. The yoga maxim “less breathing more prana more breathing less prana” applies here, as the more subtle the breath the closer we become attuned to the Absolute Sentient power that sustains all life.

This is where meditation can become mediation as simply concentrating on the breath awakens us to the energy of the breath and the possibility of absorbing a little more energy to help revitalise the body. Love has the power to heal and not forgetting to love oneself, as life itself is love at work. “The mantra Love is my True Nature” helps us to act in accordance with the highest principles conducive to life itself.

History has produced many saints and spiritual leaders with the power to heal, some, even after death and in response to devotees prayers. Christ’s ministry on earth was highlighted by his power to heal and raise the dead. Belief is an important aspect to spiritual healing, and underlying negativity can cast clouds that obscure the healing light.

Repetition of a holy name can change the dynamic of how you feel even though we may not have a recorded image of that person. Artists often take liberties when painting icons or images of saints. Therefore with repetition of your mantra, look into your mind’s eye and refine your own image and ‘let’ any healing and positive energy into your own life-field.

Life is love at work (EH) therefore the more loving and true your daily life the more certain is the path that leads from this life to the next. It is a path of light that is developmental as it stands the test of time. Pain often says ‘no’ to unwise courses of action but when endured releases karmic debt. Love (Bhakta Yoga) is the path of love and devotion and when established, warms and heals not unlike sunlight that pierces a cloudy sky and brings warmth and life to the earth.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Self Realisation

Self Realisation comes with the practice of reflexive self consciousness and can be likened to the awakening of a new dawn after the darkness of night. Patanjali defines yoga as controlling the activities of the mind, as such is the nature of ideas that every thought in the mind has to some degree an emotional charge. It is when we identify with emotionally charged thoughts that we come under the law that governs them and suffer accordingly.

The Self can be likened to an inner oasis of peace that exists beyond the turbulent world of stress related problems. It is at the centre of our being and the seat of the observer; it is that in us which knows that we exist and is an eternal presence that follows our journey through life.

To achieve Self realisation requires that we remain watchful and each time that we get caught and tend to fall into identification with stressful situations to remind ourselves of the trouble free centre within, step back, reassemble and regain the clarity that comes from a trouble free mind.

It takes time and practise to discover your inner oasis of peace and this is why meditation needs to be part of your daily practice. Hatha yoga practise helps to overcome body inertia and meditation awakens the light of intelligence so that our actions cease to become mechanical and uniquely appropriate to our own well being.