Friday, 27 January 2017

Light; Life and Happiness

Light; Life and Happiness
Light is a vibration of a field of energy, it is not static, but vibrant and all pervasive, making us aware of the manifest world as well as its shadows. There is no light that is not spirit and we are all condensed light. In its subtle form it is a manifestation and coming into being of all that was previously hidden in apparent darkness; by darkness we mean, the non-moving reality that includes all that has been or will eventually come to be. It is love which is at the heart of the Cosmos and which holds the truth of all living creatures, whether past, present or yet to be born.

Love is an all embracing sentience, an eternal mother principle that gives birth to all in due time and to quote Eugene Halliday...Life is a function of love, an activity in which the potentialities of being are actualised, sustained, developed and transcended to infinity, life itself is Divine Love at work.

Laughter is an expressive form of energy release; it is either the laughter of acquired power or the laughter of hysteria. The laughter of hysteria arises from an apprehension of the absurd and the sense of relief that arises from being on the outside looking in; such as a charade, or staged humour, that contains the echoes of many of our own life situations. The laughter of acquired power comes from a perception of the real, and the joy that arises from the recognition of the eternal that underlies the illusory and changing patterns on the ocean of life.

The infinite is doubtless, and Joy arises from within oneself, with the affirmation and realisation of the eternal and unwavering truth, or real within the life of the universe. The Yoga pose of complete relaxation or Corpse Posture can lead to this realisation, because no matter how deeply we relax or let go of body awareness we do not disappear. The surface waves of tension or irritation like the ripples on a lake may subside but there will remain in oneself, an all comprehending stillness and a looking forward to new possibilities of being.

Truth lies within and it is not clamorous, and is part of the silent hidden strength of the Yogi, the healer and the enlightened. It is a level of awareness that arises in the heart and is not intellectually proud. Life itself is a manifestation of the truth that lies at the heart of life, unless distorted by private purpose and ambition. Not all, however is as it seems. As life can be short and those who suffer most, given the opportunity to resolve the hurt and transform the karma of past lives.

When passing on the light of the candle flame, from one candle to another, the light of the previous candle is not diminished. The same is with universal love, as it is infinite and never diminished. The practise of meditative healing is not unlike passing on the light of a candle flame from one candle to another, the healer passes on  what is felt from within the light of the heart; without any sense of loss or obligation.

Happiness is the feeling of inner harmony that arises when our inner worlds and outer worlds are in correspondence and to quote a few lines from the Bhagavad Gita Ch6v18.19 When the mind of the yogi is in harmony and finds rest in the spirit within, all restless desires gone, and then he is a Yukta, one in God. Then his soul is a lamp whose light is steady, for it burns in a shelter where no winds come.                                                                       

Friday, 13 January 2017

Shabda Brahman

Shabda Brahman is the sound geometry that patterns the world in which we live. It is the logos or word that orders creation. We are often out of synchronisation with this inner reality, or established truth, that structures the world in which we live. Nada Yoga the yoga of listening refines our perceptions so that we are able to intuit a more realistic response to the world in which we live. The five sense organs have evolved to inform us about the world on the outside. The sixth sense is the oldest sense of them all, and informs us of the reality that lies within. It is heart centred and looks both ways, towards the world in which we live and the cosmic wisdom or prajna.

To live wisely, is to accept the guidance of the inner intelligence that has patterned and structured the world. This is the way of the Yogi that seeks oneness with the Divine, and follows an evolving path of ‘Self’ improvement.

The ‘Self’ realised Yogi is not regimented and follows the Truth within his heart. Initially the Yoga student may be confused by the complex Yoga and Hindu philosophy which simply represents different Cosmic functions. With study and practise come clarity, and the realisation that Love and Truth are interwoven like threads of Gold and Silver, and that in the search for Love we discover Truth and in the search for Truth find Love.

The Yoga techniques of the backward flowing method of reflexive ‘Self’ awareness are essential if we are to channel elements of Cosmic Wisdom to our benefit. It is when we are still to the outer world that the inner spiritual life, like a silent echo, grows louder, and then manifests in a clear sense of direction. Channelling the inner voice becomes natural with time and practise; it requires watchfulness as there will be a lifetime of inertia to overcome, both individual and ancestral.