Friday, 28 November 2014

The Way of the Yogi

The Way of the Yogi

Yoga represents the ideal that is a calm disposition in the face of adversity, flexibility and good health with the ability to calmly adjust when things go wrong. A Yogi is generally optimistic, cheery and a good companion to have at your side. To look up the popular definitions of Yoga, we find that it has its roots in the Sanskrit language and means Union that is to join or yoke with God. This somewhat intangible statement hints at the highest level of relationship between the whole of nature and man himself. The Yogi does not live in isolation from all that is around him, but enjoys the refreshing stillness of the mountain top, the life giving vitality of nature and the energy of sunlight. God speaks to him in the silent space within, as well as in bird song and the sighing of the wind. His truth is a measure of reality, in clearly structured and measured thought. There is nothing to prove, and whether he is here or there he is always at the Centre of his Universe, his truth arises from an inner clarity that transcends the time oppressed world. There is intelligence in nature that unfolds in every living thing, wherein nothing is rushed or forced, and truth as embodied love expresses its beauty and form according to its inmost nature. The Yogi clear in heart and mind is attuned to the natural rhythms of life, with nothing to prove, his watchword is ahimsa (non injury), and his guidance is directed toward developing the uniqueness that lies within each. He does not force or strain beyond his natural limits, encourages harmonious relationship between every living thing, his teaching directed toward health and wholeness of being in one and all.                     

Friday, 14 November 2014



We slept awhile, in the Earths winter,
A moulded shape, a form unseen
Not knowing, unknown, a sleeping dearth,
No depth, nor height, or future seen.

The sleepers turned, in endless space,
A timeless orb, an unknowing now
Then love turned with infinite grace.
A heavenly light and love wept

In earth we turned, until bathed in light.
Then we remembered our parent face.
But still we turned, from day to night.
A timely rhythm, a fall from Grace

The Sun, with myriad shafts of light
Pierced the Earth with living sword
A thousand intelligences, clothed and bright,
Sprang forth as the embodied word

Friday, 7 November 2014

I Believe in Angels

I Believe in Angels – they are companions of hope that live in each conscious moment, lighting the pathways of life. They are God’s artists and messengers, that ascend and descend, touching hearts and minds; inspiring, and arbiters of invention. They are seldom seen as they have to shine through the fog of human disbelief, fear and suffering. They touch hearts and minds during quiet moments and in our dreams; angels are heartfelt, life enhancing, and only barred by our own disbelief. They are spheres of intelligent light, providing comfort to the dying, guiding each to their spiritual home. They are the ones that descend with the rays of the Sun and re-enliven the Truth and Love enshrined in God’s creation. They appear in many forms, inspiring both artist and writer. To discover your angels, learn to read not only with your head, but also with your heart. Then during moments of fear and doubt, simply name them; Jesus Christ; The Buddha; Eugene Halliday; St. John of the Cross; Jacob Boehme and others; and if you have only understood them in part, they will still guide you across the fathomless oceans of uncertainty, to a brighter and safer shore.