Friday, 28 October 2016


Sunlight contains the secret of life, the Suns illuminating light carries cosmic message from deep space, to be absorbed and developed by planet earth. Lack of light is heralded by lack of energy, wilting and becoming pale and insignificant. We also receive light in a form modified by the foods we eat. Therefore foods that receive as close to direct sunlight as possible are the most beneficial. To regenerate and refresh your life force, meditate each day by sitting in natural sunlight. During the winter months this is best done indoors by sitting close to a window that receives natural sunlight. During cloudy days in the northern hemisphere this may not always be possible, so take advantage when the Sun shines thru! When meditating, sit with a still mind and partially lowered eyelids, aware of the Sun’s energising warmth, accept the light completely and absorb its healing energy. Avoiding the glare of direct sunlight, internalise the light and feel that its healing presence energises and heals both mind and body

Sunday, 23 October 2016

As above so below

As above so below is the hermetic phrase that captures the spirit of yoga;
The intelligence that manifests and expresses itself in every aspect of life is not limited by the forms through which it manifests, but has its origins in a boundless and inter-functioning power that determines the final outcome of all within it. Just as the wave forms that pattern the ocean are not essentially different from the ocean itself, so do we all share the same universal nature?

Within the mind of the supreme artist exists not only the mechanics of inter-function, but also the whole picture or vision that arises from out of perfect inter-function? The universal or cosmic vision needed to gain the height of perfection and a happy and long life, is not attained through tunnel vision and limited perspectives but by conscious evaluation of both mind and heart,

Mind and Heart work together, the mind giving form to the intuition that arises within the heart. This level of perception that we refer to, reaches beyond the limitations of the five senses into the heart and intelligence that guides and patterns life. This requires that the yogi in his/her practical application of their yoga practice develops life-field or (bio-field) consciousness. Bio-field consciousness extends the boundaries of normal sense perception into the realms of the higher-mind.  We are all modifications of power that is not a blind and irrational force but a field of intelligent power that expresses itself through each individual. We are all self-limiting and often fall short of our full potential. Hence the yogi works to develop his powers of ‘Self’ recognition and attune himself to the Cosmic or perfecting mind.

This starts with simple asana, by observing the body warts and all and not responding to a mechanical approach to posture, but first making a feeling assessment before consciously guiding the body, little by little over time toward its desired aim. Gradually with increased sensitivity this approach can be applied in every aspect of life, with the aim of willing what God wills for you rather than following a mechanical approach as dictated by others.

We can during our lifetime structure ourselves with mechanical habitual responses that serve our own limited self-interest, often increasing our karmic debt and condemning ourselves to lower re-births in order to learn valuable lessons.  Or we can adopt the yoga way and follow the path of integration and union with the intelligence that guides each of us along an ascending path from the earth bound, to the vegetable, animal, man and human to the angelic and eternal life.