Friday, 9 December 2016

Do Animals Have Souls?

Do Animals Have Souls? - Anyone who has looked into the eyes of their pet, or animal friend, will recognise a sentient being whose intelligence transcends the limitations of the body they occupy. We are all sentient beings and a soul is a circumscribed zone of the intelligent sentient power that has gives birth to all life; the spirit of the soul is the activity of the soul and if I may quote a few lines from a collection of ‘Letters on Yoga’ written by Sri Aurobindo; ... Yes – to watch the animals with the right perception of their consciousness helps to get out of the human mental limitations and see the Cosmic Consciousness on earth individualising itself into all forms – plant, animal, man and growing towards what is beyond man.

He also wrote – Yes, it is a more simple and honest consciousness – that of the animal.  Of course it expects something, but even if it does not get, the affection remains.   Many animals, even if ill treated, do not lose their love which means remarkable psychic development in the vital.

The pets we choose say something about ourselves and whether it is the child’s rabbit or the pet dog or cat they teach us to love without conditions. If we can love others without conditions we open a stream of life-force that soon becomes a river and eventually an ocean that will transform the nature of the world in which we live.

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