Friday, 10 February 2017

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a journey of self-discovery that improves the health of the body both physically and psychologically. From the moment we place our yoga mat upon the ground, we start to wake up, bring control back to ourselves, and discover the link factors that constitute the whole being. This is an evolving process; the yoga mat representing a sacred space, where we discover that our guru is on the inside and not on the outside. Whether young or old we all have different capabilities and best grow and blossom when being true to ourselves, by guiding our life process from centre. From the moment we take our place on the yoga-mat we step back from the illusory world of time, still the mind and learn to guide ourselves forward, free from the urgency of time filled space.

Such is the nature of the mind, that it can be easily impressed by images of the gymnast and acrobat. Yoga is about realism, therefore any posture we envisage has to be consciously assessed and within the range of our capability. Once the form is set, the heart is brought to bear, so that body and muscle groups are energised efficiently. Finally when Mind and Feeling are synchronised, we can consciously initiate the action that mobilises the whole body.  When the Mind, Feeling and Will oppose each other, we create a sense of discord and bad chemistry which disturbs the whole being.

Hatha Yoga can represent two paths, the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon. The path of the Moon is for those on automatic pilot and devoid of any spiritual aspirations; the path of the Sun is for the creative, and consciously evolved, who bring light into every aspect of yoga. They understand the nature of yoga as union with the Divine intelligence that links and embraces all. This intelligence becomes closer and clearer each time we take our place on the yoga mat, let go of the distractions of the outer world, and let consciousness which is both transcendent and immanent become the guide.

 Hatha Yoga is transformative and not unlike the ‘Rising Sun’; the light of consciousness can bring clarity, overcoming inertia and dispelling the darkness of miss-guided ideas and teaching. To many it is the modern way of turning base metal into gold and of returning control back to ourselves.