Friday, 20 November 2015

Self Realisation

Self Realisation that comes with the practice of reflexive self consciousness can be likened to the awakening of a new dawn after the darkness of night.

Awakening to the reality of the Self and transcending the limitations that identification with the problems of the material world brings, is not always immediately achievable, as the urgency of immediate difficulties tend to keep drawing us back

There is a subtle difference between observing the world with your physical eyes and its associations, and seeing with the eye of spirit, that is seeing as God sees. Moments of spontaneous Self awareness with meditative reflexive techniques can dispel the illusion that we stand alone.

When meditating choose or visualise an open space and capture with the camera of the eye something to focus upon, then first observing with your mortal eyes, remind yourself that no one else in the universe stands or sits in this exact place, and in this I stand alone. Beauty is a felt experience and it is during moments of meditation or enjoying beautiful moments in nature hat it becomes possible to abandon the particular and merge with the whole experience and become one with the unific intelligence of which we are a small part. It is during these moments that we affirm the truth of the yoga maximum that the Atman (Self) = Brahman.

Friday, 13 November 2015

The Chandogya Upanishad

The Chandogya Upanishad asks the question – Wherefrom do all these worlds come? Then continues –They come from space. All beings come from space, and unto space they return; space is indeed their beginning and space is their final end.

Space is not nothing, as space is another word for spirit and power, that is absolute sentient power, and all things including ourselves, are modifications of that power. Yoga as union is learning to be responsive and guided by the creative intelligence that patterns existence. During our day to day existence we are likely to be presented with problems that are accompanied by negative thought processes. Each thought form in the mind is a package of energy that carries with it its own emotional charge. Thoughts are not simply packaged and confined to the mind space, as they have an energy link with the whole body. This energy link can be either positive or negative as with those who seem to be under a black cloud of despair and the opposite type, who just to be in their presence is uplifting.

The yogi can develop a degree of Self help by becoming conscious of their own bio-field and creating positive gradients in the field, with positive and optimistic thoughts. It is the patterns in the space around a body that determines its form and structure. Not dissimilar to the patterns formed by iron filings in a magnetic field. Self determination is the real meaning of human existence and the choice is ours; whether to be guided by every negative impulse that comes along, or by redesigning a future that has a positive outcome. Feeling is the important link between the Mind and the Will and happiness is the feeling of inner harmony that arises when our inner and outer worlds are in correspondence.

Friday, 6 November 2015

A Mandala

A Mandala is sometimes referred to as a magic circle and the special domain of any particular divinity. The centre point represents immanent spirit or point of potentiality, and contained within the circle can be several geometric shapes or yantra that represent the function of the mandala. A mandala can express the artistic nature of its creator, and can be personal, or highly symbolic; its symbols purporting to transcend time and space, so that the meditator is guided toward universal principles.

A circle helps to focus the mind on the content within it, and the forms, or geometrical designs (yantra) within it, represent a way of looking at reality. These can be simple or complex such as squares, triangles or combinations such as the Sri Yantra, Hexagon and Zodiacal Yantra. Every part is symbolic, such as horizontal lines representing, in essence, female; and vertical lines male. The synthesis of the whole shows the unifying nature of Yoga and can help integrate a body of thought within the psyche of the Yogi

A living mandala can be three dimensional, and held within the imagination; serving as an inner guide and reference point. It does not have to be static and can evolve and change serving and freeing those who meditate, as infinity lies beyond the wheel of life. A mandala transcends the limitations of that contained within it, and if we represent the three parts of man, Head, Heart and Will, at another level it can represent the three aspects of the Trinity, whether Hindu or Christian.

A mandala is more than the domain of a group of dry bone symbols; but rather represents a synthesis of profound levels of spiritual realisation and work done. The beginner may have to rely upon their Guru or teacher to help build a sound logical structure. But the student can make a start by calling to mind any positive experience, such as a favourite location, or positive memory, such as a place of beauty, when the air was clear and the early Sun gave rise to a feeling of hope for the new day.

The way we think, affects the way we feel and this can affect our actions. A positive visualisation creates good body chemistry, and lifts the spirits. Such memories in the form of an inner mandala can guide the energy of the yoga posture; re-energise and harness body energy in a positive and creative way. Meditation can help complete this process and eventually help to transcend the limitations of the mandala, until echoing the words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet; “O God. I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a King of boundless space.

These suggestions are simply a guide, and point to the versatility of Mandala and Yantra. Both represent Love and Truth working together; Love evolves from centre; energising and making real the Truth that is within it. Both exist within ourselves and give both power and form to the chakras. Love works to develop the full potentiality of a being (Eugene Halliday); and Truth the Law of Being gives it form and structure.

This divine marriage between Love and Truth, however we express it, when fully realised, releases a subtle honey, or ambrosia, that transforms the inner experience, refines the energy centres (chakras), and prepares the body for its onward spiritual journey.