Friday, 9 June 2017

Healing Prana

Healing Prana
Prana has been defined by Vivekanada as the Infinite manifesting energy of the Universe, which implies that we are all modifications of power, designed and shaped by Cosmic Intelligence. Life is complex and we all distort the natural life flow with the stress patterns associated with day to day living, and when competing for space and resources, on an increasingly crowded planet.

The ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ that has designed and shaped each one of us is not separate and does not stand back at a distance, it is interwoven into the very fabric of our being; it is just that we have chosen to ignore it and replace it with our own desires and ambitions. Most of the suffering that we experience in life is of our own making. The way to re-fresh and re-align ourselves with the intelligence that has structured the body from the ground up is to practise ‘Healing Prana’.

The breath can be likened to the rhythmic rise and fall of waves on a deep ocean; the waves occurring in time, and with the deep ocean representing eternity. To restore harmony and relationship between Time and Eternity become conscious of each breath and aware of the fathomless Peace and Stillness underlying each breath. This is best achieved through a meditational approach, and letting go all distractions to breath awareness, this includes the counting of breaths and breathe retention. From the stillness that underlies the breath arises the initiative that still’s the breath so that the body can receive the maximum absorption of Prana.

With the conscious breath there is refinement of the breath, with a growing sense that the body is filled with light. It is important with these practices that life is lived beyond reproach, with no inner inconsistencies, as these energies are much finer than the earth bound, and without the pure life can cause neurosis and upset the nervous system. For self-healing adopt the pose of complete relaxation and allow the surface waves of the breath subside until the underlying stillness, sensed as light, illuminates the whole body.

Healing others can prove to be a little more difficult; as each body radiates energy according to its inner disposition and it may take a little time to become perfectly still. Sitting opposite to your partner, cup both of their hands within yours and commence the healing prana breath, endeavouring to keep a sense of detachment, while letting the breath calm to the point where it seems to merge with the underlying stillness. It is within this cosmic stillness that the potential for healing arises as it embraces all, can adjust to all situations without distortion from the world of time.         

Friday, 2 June 2017

To be or not to be that is the question.

To be or not to be that is the question. To be is to exist and learn the lessons of time. In reality few of us are alive to the present moment and tend to drift, and dream along within a self made euphoria. Stress without relief can distort the natural order of things, causing strain and a breakdown in health. One coping method is to wear a cloak of invisibility.  Children, who have not been allowed to express themselves, due to an over strict up-bringing, can carry their cloak of invisibility even into adulthood.

We are all spiritual beings enjoying an earthly experience and unless we live each moment, cannot gain the full benefit of the incarnation. This means keeping both feet firmly on the ground and not living in a world of fantasy.

Having a human birth is good fortune indeed and provides the resistance the soul needs in order to develop to its full potential.  The earth bound experience helps us to test the reality of inmost spirit which is eternal and ever free, with freedom of choice; that is if we can avoid getting caught by the hook and line of the worlds predators; a quote from Shakespeare’s hamlet provides food for thought, “I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself the king of infinite space, were it not that I had bad dreams”

We are all modifications of power and essential parts of the functioning of the whole, whether it is the distant stars, the planet earth and all living things on land and sea. Affirming this relationship is a way of restoring inner harmony, whether with a single tree or the distant horizon.

Man often works against the natural order of things and at times threatens to destroy life on the planet. Stress and personal ambition creates waves which we all have to live through, unless we can say stop and work in harmony with the natural intelligence that is invested in all life. To live in the present moment means re-connecting to the subtle life pulse that flows from the Cosmos, energises the Sun and gives life to the earth. This means letting go self-imposed stress and experiencing the timelessness that gives meaning to life.
Experiencing timeless moment’s, means living in the ‘Here and Now’ and using the words ‘Here Now’ to step away from the illusions of time. Similarly the words ‘Now Here’ are of equal importance as it provides the opportunity to attune to the many levels of intelligence, applicable to each level in time. Finally conjoining the words ‘Now Here’ gives us ‘Nowhere’, and the eternal and the timeless origins from which all life and experience arise.

Practise being aware of each step you take, of being in contact with the earth and the pulse of life with the changing seasons; let go of stress as you re-balance and harmonise with nature.  This is the way to ‘Self’ healing.