Friday, 25 September 2015

The “H” breath or Seven Breath

The “H” breath or Seven Breath is so named, as the inflowing breath is a series of steps as if ascending a hierarchical ladder with brief pauses for prana assimilation. The more subtle the breath the better, with each in-breath becoming more refined until experienced as if it were a flow of light and consciousness. It is advised that before practising these subtle forms of breathing that the ethical principles of yoga are firmly established.

This meditational breath starts by breathing in to the level of the Base chakra; with a pause for prana assimilation, the inflowing breath then continues with a brief pause at the pelvic chakra for the assimilation of light and energy. The inflowing breath then continues with similar pauses at each chakra, so that each chakra receives the refining light of the conscious breath.

This type of breathing relies upon the intelligence of the practitioner, as there has to be no stress, or strain experienced during the process, even if this means starting with a fresh breath if there is insufficient lung capacity.

The symbolic Eight Breath, which is no breath at all, is the experience of ‘no mind’ which occurs on completion of the cycle, as if stepping off into infinity and becoming one with all that is ...infinite spirit.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga is a term that highlights the holistic nature of yoga, as these days many practise yoga partially rather than wholly. Yoga goes beyond the exercises to promote health and flexibility, to include the well being of all and the planet on which we live.

To live at the level of immediacy so that we act in a way that is appropriate to each moment transcends the automatic level of reactionary behaviour. This means that we have to start to develop a sixth sense so that consciousness becomes the guide. This process starts with the first yoga exercise class, when we discover that our guru (teacher) is on the inside and not on the outside.

Wholeness of being is only possible if we unify the scattered energies in the body by coordinating MIND, Feeling and Will, and not think one thing and do another, as we do when by responding to stray impulses. This means when practising Hatha yoga to visualise the ideal or perfect posture. Then feeling into the whole body, harmonise and energise the appropriate muscle groups, before starting the movement toward asana. This is not running on automatic pilot, but an act of will in the light of consciousness.

Life is patterned by a supreme intelligence that guides the processes of this world and if we can embody this intelligence, we awaken the higher mind and start to will what God wills for us. The Self (Atman), transcends the bits and pieces that make up the lower personality. To be ‘Self’ responsible is to be ‘Self’ response-able, that is able to respond adequately in all situations.

Centring is the stepping back and letting go of the external differences that have captured our attention. It is the return to immanent spirit void of distractions, and which allows us to see clearly the true relationship of each part of the whole. To centre is to step back into the still space and the timeless peace that mirrors the wisdom reflected in each moment. Whether Raja, Jnana, or Bhakti, each is part of the seamless whole, which is yoga.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Shabda Brahman

Shabda Brahman can be defined as the sound geometry that underlies and patterns creation. It is these sound patterns that gave rise to the Sanskrit language and the invocative power of mantra. Sound vibrations that support the natural harmony of the body are conducive to health, and if we were able to listen to the sound of the universe and creation, all the individual sounds would be heard as a unified humming, represented in yoga by the mantra OM.

For the purpose of ‘Self’ healing intoning the mantra OM can be conducive to health, by feeling for the right tone that is conducive to body harmony. Starting at the level of the belly and with good feeling, direct the sound vibrations into this area; helps are abdominal breathing, always with good feeling. The next level is the emotional centre of heart and lungs, with love as the feeling with each sound vibration, helps are mid-chest breathing. Next is the upper part of the body, with relaxed upper chest breathing and in the spirit of truth.

To complete the three levels, sit with head and spine balanced and maintaining spinal consciousness, and in a spirit of coordination intone the mantra OM so that it is felt as a vibration conducive to healing in Head, Heart and Belly. The mantra OM, is to be treated with respect, as it is an early representation of the Absolute, being without limit, yet complete in itself.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart
The heart is love’s chalice,
Grail of holy essence
The tender cup
That captures life’s heartbeat

A cup of pure essence,
When, dipped into God’s ocean
Is filled with divine nectar;
That heals and makes whole

A gateway to love sublime,
Its creative healing touch
Beyond words defined.
Yet from which words are born

Words which God speaks
With the gift of eternal life;
Yet love unrecognised, hung there
Sharpened by thorns

The cross a timeless symbol.
Brings love reborn to every heart
The arms of the cross the Sun’s rays
Giving light to everyone