Friday, 14 September 2018

The Living Flame

 The Living Flame provides infinite possibilities for meditation, and the safest and most economical way of doing this is to use a candle. Sitting around a single flame can awaken in us the primordial instincts of the cave dweller, when it was fire that kept wild animals at bay, and was the only source of light and heat. It evokes feelings of comradeship, friendship and security
Some Yogis and Hindus still practise a fire ceremony (Agni Hotra), by meditating on the living flame at Sunset and Sunrise. This flam is produced by burning dried cow dung, as the cow is considered holy. It is said to purify the atmosphere and help the meditator achieve harmony with life. Here we use the lighted candle, which in churches throughout the world is used to represent living spirit. By meditating and participating in its light you will experience warmth and peace
Meditate on the light of a candle flame. Then with Love kindle a small light in your heart.
With each peaceful breath encourage the light to grow,
until it permeates your whole being.
Then place the word LOVE in letters of gold, deep within the light.
Let go of the word LOVE and let it melt into the surrounding light
so that you are surrounded in an aura of golden white light.
Direct the light to friends in need and those you love
Gordon Smith Editor & Custodian Trustee

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